“Like Having Your Own Swing Coach With You Whenever You Practice Or Play!”

Discover the magic of Ben Hogan’s ball striking. Sync your arms and body for perfect rotational swing. Top training device and a top quality golf shirt. The Swing is in the Shirt!


Swing Perfectorâ„¢, formerly known as Swing Shirt, improves your golf swing by syncing your upper arms with your body. It works no matter your age or handicap. Hit it longer and more consistently! Not only is it a great training device, it’s a top quality shirt that looks and feels great!


Man Wearing Swing Shirt At The Time Of Golfing
  • Groove your swing.
  • Hit longer straighter shots!
  • Feel how a great golf swing should feel.
  • Shirt can be worn during the round as long as the zippers are not zipped.
  • Like having your own swing coach with you whenever you practice or play.